Oral presentations

Morphine modulates breast cancer cell metastatic potential. B. Afshar-Imani, J. Baran P. Cabot, *M.-O. Parat. International Narcotics Research Conference, Cairns Australia July 2013.


Morphine modulates the paracrine interaction between breast tumor cells and macrophages. Afshar-Imani B, J. Baran, P.J. Cabot, M.O. Parat. American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting Washington, DC, Apr. 2013 – CANCER RESEARCH  Volume: 73   Issue: 8   Supplement: 1     Meeting Abstract: 2808  

The effect of morphine on the growth and dissemination of breast tumours in mice. Afshar-Imani B, J. Baran, P.J. Cabot, M.O. Parat. Joint ASCEPT-APSA conference, (Australian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists) Sydney Australia December 2012.

Tumour-microenvironment interaction: the effect of analgesics. Afshar-Imani B., P. Cabot, M.O. Parat. 14th international biennial congress of the Metastasis Research Society, Brisbane Australia, September 2012.

The effect of perioperative medications on breast cancer recurrence and metastasis. Afshar-Imani B., P. Cabot, M.O. Parat. The Australian Society for Medical Research Postgraduate Student Conference, Brisbane, Australia, May 2012

The role of stromal cells in regulation of tumour proteolytic profile. Afshar-Imani B., P.J. Cabot, M.O. Parat. 24th Lorne Cancer Conference, Lorne, Victoria, February 2012.