Anti-cancer bioactive discovery

With Professor Nick Shaw

papaya leaves.jpg

PhD student: Thi Thanh Thao Nguyen 01/2012-06/2016)
Project Title: Investigation of bioactive compounds with anti-cancer potential in Carica papaya leaves.

PhD student: Anuja Patil (07/15-11/18)
Project Title:  Evaluation of Pittosporum angustifolium Lodd. leaf extracts for their biological activities and chemical profiles

With Dr James Falconer


PhD student: Kooi Yeong Khaw (11/16 – 04/19)
Project Title: Novel extraction and evaluation of papaya leaf for chemotherapeutic molecules.


Conferences and Presentations

Cancer research

With Prof Greg Monteith


PhD student: Felicity Davis (07/08 – 04/12) 
Project Title: Intracellular calcium signaling in a model of breast cancer metastasis.


Conferences and Presentations